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Joachim Scholz Talks

Dr. Joachim Scholz explores the potential of augmented reality at the intersection of technology, marketing strategy, and consumer research. This unique background enables him to reveal big picture and make you think about AR and marketing in completely new ways.

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Dr. Scholz offers a variety of talks for different audiences. He provides orientation for AR novices by breaking down complexities, explaining terminologies, and discussing different use cases for AR.

Many marketers already know the basics of AR but are less clear about AR’s strategic potential and transformative effect. Dr. Scholz helps this more advanced audience through providing comprehensive frameworks, challenging foundational myths, and connecting the dots between consumer insights, marketing strategies, and AR technologies.



This talk introduces augmented reality (AR) and related technologies to marketers who wonder what opportunities AR might hold for their companies and brands. Dr. Scholz explains the foundations of AR, maps the AR ecosystem, identifies established and emerging use cases, and explains what makes AR an essential tool for marketers. You will learn about how AR’s ROI compares to other marketing channels, the different ways to reach consumers with AR experiences, and what AR modality you should choose based on your goals, target audience, and how consumers engage with your brand and products.

Suitable for all audiences. This talk provides orientation for AR novices and stimulates fresh ideas for more experienced AR marketers.



This talk dives deep into how marketers can utilize augmented reality (AR) to create experiences that engage consumers. Discussing frameworks and use cases across e- commerce, brick-and-mortar retailing, communications, social media, and experiential marketing, Dr. Scholz presents new perspectives that will change your current understanding of augmented reality, marketing, and consumers. You will learn how ENTANGLE is the secret key for creating AR experiences that stand out and maximize engagement.

Suitable for all audiences. While this talk emphasizes best practices of how to design AR initiatives, no direct experience with implementing AR is necessary.



This talk radically expands our understanding of augmented reality’s potential for marketing strategy and branding. Dr. Scholz uncovers how AR provides value to consumers within e- commerce and communications contexts by (a) reconceptualizing what ‘customers’ are and by (b) differentiating between the ‘materiality of products’ versus the ‘materiality of bodies’. These new perspectives will allow you to unlock the bigger potential of AR for your own brand: Rather than using AR solely to reassure customers, you will learn about AR’s potential to excite consumers, create deep consumer-brand relationships, and help consumers believe in themselves.

Suitable for audiences who have some prior understanding of augmented reality. This talk is designed to look at AR through a new pair of eyes, which will provide even the most experienced listeners with a deeper understanding of AR marketing.

Watch Dr. Scholz at Perfect Corp's Beauty Tech Master series


This presentation reveals how AR helps consumers pursue aesthetic consumption projects. Dr. Scholz draws on consumer culture theories and an ethnography of makeup consumers to demonstrate that the true potential of AR may be less about helping consumers to see products, and more about helping consumers believe in themselves. Full video with Q&A here.



This talks introduces ‘spatial AR’ as a new type of augmented reality that will create radically new consumption patterns and marketing opportunities. Based on his ethnographic research, Dr. Scholz explains what spatial AR is, how it differs from augmenting a space, and why spatial AR will be a bigger disruption than social media was in the early 2000s. You will learn how spatial AR is already all around us, how consumers co-create spatial AR experiences, and what future developments will accelerate the creation of spatially embedded and enmeshed AR experiences that persist over time and are socially shared. By learning about the emerging marketing strategies that are enabled by spatial AR, you can seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform your brand and be an agent of change in your organization.

Suitable for audiences who have some prior understanding of augmented reality. This is a forward-looking talk that creates a vision of how marketing will look like in five to fifteen years from now.




This talks challenges the audience to reflect on how they think about ‘the customer’. As the title hints at, descriptions of the augmented reality (AR) customer must go deeper than specifying an age group (e.g., 13-35 years old) or using certain psychographics (e.g., innovative). While standard demographics can be helpful, Dr. Scholz explains why the participatory and immaterial nature of AR necessitates marketers to re-conceptualize ‘the customer’: From a shopper who makes purchase decisions, to culturally, socially, and physically embedded beings who engage in consumption projects to construct identities,

foster communal bonds, and search for meaning in their lives. This fresh perspective will empower you to create AR experiences that resonate with consumers and enrich their lives.

Suitable for audiences who have some prior understanding of augmented reality. This talk introduces the audience to a richer understanding of consumers – pioneered by academics who embrace the cultural branding paradigm – that will transform your understanding of augmented reality and even more traditional forms of marketing.



This wide-ranging talk maps the emerging patterns of consumption and marketing opportunities that are enabled by augmented reality (AR) and related technologies such as virtual reality, smart glasses, volumetric video, LiDAR, 5G, and artificial intelligence. Dr. Scholz explains what different types of augmented reality exist and how they relate to social media, digital, and traditional marketing channels. You will learn about how AR transforms e- commerce, word-of-mouth, influencer marketing, and direct-to-consumer business models, and how AR creates new product categories and experiencescapes. This forward-looking talk will transform your understanding of AR and its importance for marketers and brands in the coming decades.

Suitable for all audiences. This talk provides orientation for AR novices and stimulates fresh ideas for more experienced AR marketers.

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