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Dr. Joachim Scholz is a leading Augmented Reality Marketing Professor who has researched and taught about AR's potential for marketing since 2014. He published the first-ever conceptual article on AR marketing in 2016, which won Article of the Year award and is one of the most-cited articles of the AR marketing literature. In 2020, Joachim launched the world's first dedicated Augmented Reality Marketing courses for undergraduate and MBA students.

Joachim is a Brock University professor, advisory board member for York University’s Future of Marketing Institute, and member of Adweek’s Academic Council. He has published in several academic journals and frequently contributes to Adweek and Better Marketing. He has presented his research and insights at over 30 international conferences and industry events.

My research and teachings reveal how brands can thrive in augmented realities.


His academic research explores how augmented reality engages consumers and creates consumer/brand relationships, how it helps customers feel more competent and creatively in-charge, how spatial AR provides new branding opportunities, how managers can deploy AR initiatives, and how AR intersects with other marketing touchpoints in omni-channel environments.


Joachim’s guiding philosophy is that discovering AR’s strategic potential requires marketers to embrace the complexities of consumption. He leverages anthropological, sociological, and psychological research to identify what value AR provides to consumers and how companies can thrive in augmented realities.

Dr. Scholz is a sought after expert who helps CEOs, CMOs, brand managers, strategists, and retailers see the transformative effect AR and related technologies have on marketing and society. He regularly consults technology companies, marketing agencies, premium CPG brands, and boutique wineries on branding and augmented reality marketing. In his presentations, Dr. Scholz combines deep analysis with rich details of current AR examples and consumers’ voices. He demystifies AR by connecting the dots, and he offers conceptual frameworks that guide marketers when designing their own AR initiatives. No matter how much your audience already knows about AR, listeners will walk away from Joachim’s presentations with new perspectives and fresh ideas.

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