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Joachim Scholz AR marketing

Meet Joachim 

AR Marketing Professor

Research scholar, speaker, consultant

Dr. Joachim Scholz is a leading augmented reality marketing professor and pioneering researcher at Brock University. He has explored AR’s potential for marketing since 2014 and launched the world’s first dedicated AR Marketing university courses. His research and teachings reveal how brands can thrive in augmented realities.


Leveraging AR's full potential requires new ways of thinking: Marketers must embrace the complexities of consumption

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Dr. Scholz utilizes anthropological, sociological, and psychological research to challenge foundational myths about customers and marketing. By connecting AR to cutting-edge marketing strategies, he reveals how brands can utilize augmented reality to become essential parts of consumers' lives.


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"Dr. Scholz has mastered the art of simplifying complex emerging marketing trends. Especially with something as new and evolving as augmented reality, Dr. Scholz successfully articulates the impact, value, and implications for AR marketing in an increasingly mixed-reality world."

Joseph Pack
Account Planner

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"Jo clearly understands the domain of AR and all the potential it holds for  brands. His talk really helped in demystifying this over-hyped topic. I especially appreciated his human-centric approach on AR, and how he focused on what is real and practical today."

Peter Heinckiens 

Chief Product and Technology Officer

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"Every so often you get to work with someone that radically reshapes your thinking. Jo is one of those people. He lives and breathes marketing, and is an amazing researcher and speaker."

Sam Rackwitz

Marketing Specialist


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Conceptual research article on AR Marketing
AR Marketing course for university students

Book Dr. Scholz as a Speaker

Joachim is an experienced speaker who helps marketers around the world uncover the potential of augmented reality. He has spoken at over 30 international academic conferences and industry events and regularly teaches AR Marketing to undergraduate and MBA students. 


Dr. Scholz is the original AR marketing professor. He dives deep into the latest AR trends and examples, and offers frameworks and analyses that reveal the big picture. No matter how much your audience already knows about AR, they will walk away from Joachim’s talks with new perspectives and fresh ideas.


Check out his current line-up of talks to see if Joachim is the right fit for your next conference or corporate workshop.

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